Who is QIB Group Holdings?

QIB Group Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 98 163 322 914) holds a current Australian Financial Services Licence No. through QIB Commercial Pty Ltd (AFSL 244330) and QIB Specialty Pty Ltd (AFSL 235365). Our Australian Financial Services Licence is issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under the Corporations Act. We are able to provide financial product advice and deal in general insurance products.

The following are corporate authorised representatives of QIB Commercial Pty Ltd:

  • AFA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd. ABN 25 088 869 578. CAR No. 1310067.
  • Regional Insurance Brokers (SQ) Pty Ltd. ABN 99 098 514 473. CAR No. 1309086.
  • Regional Insurance Brokers (SC) Pty Ltd. ABN 35 011 054 327. CAR No. 1309089.
  • Regional Insurance Brokers (WB) Pty Ltd. ABN 12 096 781 967. CAR No. 1309534.
  • Regional Insurance Brokers (CQ) Pty Ltd. ABN 26 083 877 909. CAR No. 1309090.
  • Regional Insurance Brokers (NQ) Pty Ltd. ABN 13 165 872 088. CAR No. 1309092.
  • Regional Insurance Brokers (FNQ) Pty Ltd. ABN 91 074 970 540. CAR No. 1309091.
  • Steadfast NSG Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd. ABN 68 010 932 171. CAR No. 1310068.

The following are corporate authorised representatives of QIB Specialty Pty Ltd:

  • Tradesure Pty Ltd. ABN 17 140 340 361. CAR No. 1309085.
  • T&G Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd. ABN 14 111 988 44. CAR No. 343243.
  • Oceanic Marine Risks Pty Ltd. ABN 52 660 176 303. CAR No. 1297607.
  • Aviator Risk Pty Ltd. ABN 70 675 647 033. CAR No. 1309084.
  • Funeral Industry Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd. ABN 39 154 090 285. CAR No. 1309088.

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QIB Group Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 98 163 322 914 (‘QIB Group’) provides services to broker members who may be QIB Group subsidiaries or associates. These services include model operating procedures, manuals, legal, technical, HR, compliance, sum insured and product comparison tools; insurance cover placement and claims support; group insurance arrangements; and group purchasing arrangements. These services are funded by QIB Group, subsidised by QIB Group or QIB Group receives a fee for them.